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    Elliott Gue's

    Big Picture

    The gradual increase in interest rates will have a limited effect on the best energy-focused master limited partnerships.
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    Roger Conrad's

    Income Insights

    Despite what you may have heard, MLPs still offer outstanding opportunities for savvy investors.
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US Propane Exports on the Rise

US propane production from gas-processing plants surged 15.6 percent last year to 823 million barrels, a new record.And this explosive growth looks set to continue over the next three years. The Energy Information Administration’s most recent Short-Term Energy Outlook implies that propane output from US gas-processing plants will grow 21.8 percent over the next three years and exceed 1 billion barrels in 2016.



  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

    Northern Property is Cheap Again

    By Roger S. Conrad | Sep. 19, 2014
    Although Canadian REITs haven’t matched the dividend growth posted by their US counterparts over the past 18 months, most of these names didn’t slash their payouts to the bone during the financial crisis. Our favorite Canadian REITs trade at undemanding valuations, offer above-average yields and are good buys for patient investors. 
  • Global Top Cat

    QE is Coming: Buy Cyclical European Stocks      

    By Yiannis G. Mostrous | Sep. 19, 2014
    With the European Central Bank planning to start buying bonds and asset-backed securities, cyclical stocks represent the best bet for value-oriented investors seeking exposure to the Continent’s comeback story.
  • Growth Stocks

    Buy Stocks, Not the Market

    By Elliott H. Gue | Sep. 19, 2014
    The vaunted diversification offered by exchanged-traded funds (ETF) dilutes your potential upside by offering exposure to a mix of winners and losers. Investors seeking differentiated performance should focus on building a balanced portfolio of individual stocks.
  • Income Investing

    Don’t Fear a Rising Greenback

    By Roger S. Conrad | Sep. 19, 2014
    A surging dollar doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the international stocks in your portfolio. Although a stronger greenback reduces the value of these holdings and their dividends, these companies’ goods and services become more competitive in the US and other import markets.



    A balanced portfolio of Elliott Gue’s top stocks for capital appreciation.


    Roger Conrad’s top stocks for investors seeking reliable income.


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