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Market Outlook

Our Current Outlook in a New Year

The recent upsurge in commodity prices and early signs of a pick-up in inflationary pressure could indicate that the bull market has entered its latter stages. However, until market leadership narrows or our favorite forward-looking economic indicators exhibit signs of deterioration, we’re inclined to regard dips as opportunities on the long side.


  • Energy Stocks

    The Case for Energy Stocks in 2018

    By Elliott H. Gue | Jan. 26, 2018
    Energy stocks are off to a strong start this year, and we expect the S&P 500 Energy Index to be among the top third of S&P 500 sectors in terms of total returns this year.
  • Utilities

    Utilities and the Internet of Things

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jan. 2, 2018
    Access to relatively inexpensive sensor content, data storage, processing power and high-capacity telecom networks has enabled a new era of machine-to-machine communication that can unlock significant efficiencies for industries rooted in the physical world. The rollout of 5G communications networks over the next few years will enhance remote monitoring and other long-distance IOT functionalities.
  • Master Limited Partnerships

    A Changing of the Guard in Midstream MLPs

    By Roger S. Conrad | Dec. 18, 2017
    We understand investors’ pessimism toward MLPs. Including distributions, the Alerian MLP Index has performed poorly this year. Although sentiment toward midstream MLPs remains weak, the doom and gloom gives savvy investors an opportunity to lock in above-average yields on high-quality names that stand to benefit as US onshore oil and gas production takes market share over time.
  • Market Outlook

    Neither the Bull Nor the Year Is Over, Yet

    By Elliott H. Gue | Dec. 4, 2017
    On only five occasions over this period has the S&P 500 given up more than 2 percent of its value in the final month and a half of the year. We’re not inclined to fight that seasonal record. Looking ahead to 2018, 65 weeks have passed since the S&P 500 last endured a correction of 2 percent or more. We’d be surprised if stocks don’t break this historic winning streak at some point in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Utilities

    Politics vs Economics: Wholesale Changes?

    By Roger S. Conrad | Nov. 20, 2017
    Utilities and regulators in many states have reached a consensus that coal is yesterday’s fuel. Operators will keep these power plants running as long as they remain economic, but NextEra Energy’s decision to close the St. John’s River facility suggests that their time may be short.




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