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Economic Indicators on the Move

By Elliott H. Gue on Nov. 17, 2016
The Federal Reserve has contended with deflationary pressures and a slower rate of potential economic growth, challenges that have made it difficult to hike interest rates. Higher inflation and stronger GDP growth should enable the US central bank to hike interest rates without damaging the economy or triggering a selloff in the stock market. The prospect of accelerating economic growth, higher interest rates and reduce regulation should give financial stocks a boost.

How OPEC’s November Meeting could Drive Oil to the $30s

By Elliott H. Gue on Nov. 11, 2016
OPEC's upcoming meeting to decide the next round of oil production faces a number of obstacles, making a variety of outcomes possible. Here are the most likely ones, as well as the reasons oil will likely head to the $30s per barrel.

A Preview of the Most Important Conference for Utility Investors

By Roger-Conrad on Nov. 7, 2016
The Edison Electric Institute's annual financial conference takes place this week. Here's a quick preview of some of the themes we'll dig into at this year's event.

Water Technologies and Sustainable Fracking

By Roger-Conrad on Nov. 7, 2016
The energy industry’s growing consumption of fresh water for hydraulic fracturing and approaches to disposing the resulting wastewater have created significant challenges. We highlight some of the solutions.



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