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Big Oil is Back

By Roger-Conrad on Oct. 1, 2018
I became a shareholder of Chevron Corp (NYSE: CVX) when it acquired the former Texaco, which I believe was the first stock I ever bought. I was fresh out of business school and made an investment in Texaco’s dividend reinvestment plan, and I’m happy to report that I literally make more in dividends every year than my original investment. I expect to pass the whole thing on to my kids, hopefully many years from now with the account at a much higher level.

Energy: In the Early Stages of a Bull Market

By Elliott H. Gue on Sep. 14, 2018
For the broader market, we’ve long followed a concept we call the “volatility smile.” Simply put, broader stock market volatility is high early in the stages of a bull market, falls to low levels in the middle of a major rally and then rises again in the latter stages of a bull market. And, of course, volatility usually rises sharply during a bear market.

Global Growth: Rock Steady

By ymostrous on Feb. 17, 2018
Global economic growth continues to be respectable and broad based, with only a few laggards. The current selloff hasn’t changed this, and the synchronization of this economic growth remains intact.

Volatility and the Market Cycle

By Elliott H. Gue on Feb. 17, 2018
The return of volatility to US equities doesn’t mean that a bear market is imminent.