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Income Investors: Don’t Sweat Interest Rates

By Roger S. Conrad, on Nov. 29, 2016

Since Election Day 2016, President-elect Trump’s promise to revive the economy by cutting taxes and rolling back regulation pushed the stock market to all-time highs.

The exceptions: Bonds and dividend-paying stocks. They’ve retreated on fears that expansionary fiscal policy will trigger rising inflation and higher interest rates.

Based on recent statements from the Federal Reserve, the central bank appears set to raise its benchmark federal funds rate, possibly as soon as next month. And that expectation has already pushed the benchmark 10-year Treasury note yield to a higher point than where it began the year.

Investors worried about the interest rate exposure of our stocks need to take a look at our graph, which shows annual total returns for four major dividend-paying stock groups in the Lifelong Income Portfolio: Big telecoms, Utilities, US and Canadian real estate investment trusts and energy-focused master limited partnerships (MLP).

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