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Information Technology

More Than an Ounce of Preparation

By Jason R. Koepke, on Nov. 19, 2015

The end is nigh. Or more appropriately, the end of the year is nigh. With Elliott and Roger calling for the first half of 2016 to bring a correction in US equities, we also can say that the beginning is nigh—the beginning of a buying opportunity. (See Why We’re Worried about Stocks.)

Major market pullbacks can be harrowing experiences, but indiscriminate selling also creates buying opportunities for discriminating investors. In The Value of Valuation, Elliott highlighted three steps to prepare for a bear market:

  • Step No. 1: Take profits on riskier holdings;
  • Step No. 2: Add some hedges to offset the downside in your portfolio; and
  • Step No. 3: Prepare your shopping list of high-quality stocks to scoop up when the panic peaks.

Given the huge run-up in tech stocks, the sector could be more vulnerable than others in a correction—a major buying opportunity for those with the right names on their shopping list.

By doing your homework now, you’ll be ready to pull the trigger when the time comes. We’ll lay the groundwork by highlighting some of the major structural trends underway in the tech space that have staying power and will create wealth for savvy investors.


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