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Numbers Watch

By Roger S. Conrad, on Jul. 22, 2013

Every stock added to the Lifelong Income Portfolio goes through a thorough vetting process. Has the company maintained its dividend in good times and bad? What growth drivers are in place to enable the firm to grow its payout? Does the company have a healthy balance sheet? Would it face refinancing risk if credit markets were to tighten suddenly? How sustainable is the company’s revenue stream? Has management done a good job setting expectations that the company can meet or exceed?

The 10 stocks in our Lifelong Income Portfolio survived our intensive due diligence process. Equally important, all these names trade at favorable valuations, having sat out (to varying extents) the rally earlier this year.

In most cases, this underperformance reflects overblown fears about the challenges these companies face. As these names rise to the occasion and demonstrate their resilience, the regular dividends that investors collect will be supplemented with solid price appreciation.

This potential upside hinges on these names exceeding the market’s low expectations for quarterly results.

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