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Our Mission

High-Quality Research and Analysis for Smart Investors, Not Search Engines

Elliott H. Gue and Roger S. Conrad founded the Capitalist Times with a simple goal: to provide individual investors with unbiased, high-quality research and in-depth analysis of profitable investment opportunities.

This approach runs counter to much of what passes for investment commentary in an information age that’s surprisingly light on real information.

The move to a 24-hour news cycle has created an environment where sensationalism rules the day, with media outlets jockeying to attract the most eyeballs and advertising dollars. In a world where anyone and everyone can broadcast his or her opinion and volume tends to drown out reason, individual investors face an overload of dubious information and advice. Meanwhile, the rise of search engine optimization has led to the proliferation of content-light articles that merely recite the hot news of the day without providing context or analysis.

Amid this welter of financial information and commentary, individual investors face an uphill battle finding reliable guidance on building wealth and dodging the market’s pitfalls. Many financial advisors are glorified salespeople, pitching strategies that may or may not help you to meet your financial objectives but will definitely help them pad their bottom lines.

Are you tired of paying huge sums to investment advisors who consistently overpromise and under-deliver? Are you fed up with investment commentary written by failed journalists who merely recount facts without providing context or analysis? Are you a do-it-yourself investor looking for reliable research and guidance in these uncertain times?

Elliott Gue and Roger Conrad have built their reputations by providing in-depth analysis of profitable investments.

Prior to founding the Capitalist Times, Elliott Gue shared his expertise and stock-picking abilities with individual investors in two highly regarded research publications, MLP Profits and The Energy Strategist, as well as long-running financial advisory Personal Finance. Elliott Gue’s knowledge of the energy sector and prescient investment calls prompted the official program of the 2008 G-8 Summit in Tokyo to call him “the world’s leading energy strategist.” He has also appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and has been quoted in a number of major publications, including Barron’s, Forbes and the Washington Post. Elliott Gue’s expertise and track record of success have also made him a popular speaker at MoneyShows and events hosted by the Association of Individual Investors.

Roger Conrad needs no introduction to individual and professional investors, many of whom have profited from his decades of experience uncovering the best dividend-paying stocks for accumulating sustainable wealth. Roger Conrad forged his reputation with Utility Forecaster, a publication he founded more than 20 years ago that the Hulbert Financial Digest routinely ranked as one of the best investment newsletters. The founder and former editor of Canadian Edge and MLP Profits, he’s also a sought-after expert on master limited partnerships (MLP) and former Canadian royalty trusts.

Together, these investing mavens and their team of hand-picked analysts scour the market for the best growth stocks and income-generating securities to help you build and maintain your wealth, regardless of the fluctuations in the market–think of them as your personal hedge fund.

Capitalist Times won’t promise you obscene returns that will enable you to buy an island and allow your heirs to retire by the time their trust funds kick in. However, you can always count on Elliott Gue, Roger Conrad and their team of analysts to deliver high-quality research and keen analysis that will make you a better investor, help you to build your nest egg and keep you one step ahead of the herd.