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Portfolio Update

Second-Quarter Earnings Support High Yields

By Roger S. Conrad, on Aug. 9, 2016

The July 27 issue of Capitalist Times Premium highlighted five burning questions that were on our mind this earnings season:

  • How much additional upside can we expect from short-term money that continues to flow into dividend-paying stocks?
  • What’s the downside potential for our holdings when this fast money leaves to chase another trend?
  • Does it make sense to take more money off the table, either by partial sales of big winners or by unloading riskier fare that would likely underperform in a bear market?
  • Are there any overlooked buying opportunities outside of the traditional hunting grounds for income-seeking investors?
  • Should we add any hedges to the Lifelong Income Portfolio that will gain in value if investors rotate out of dividend-paying equities?

In the intervening weeks, we took advantage of Analog Devices’ (NSDQ: ADI) takeover offer to book a 33 percent gain on Linear Technology Corp (NSDQ: LLTC). (See Take The Money and Run.)

We’ve also combed through second-quarter results for all but a handful of our Lifelong Income Portfolio holdings. Thus far, all our picks’ underlying businesses have continued to deliver the goods and support their dividends.


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