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Investing Topics: Big Picture

Forget the Fed’s First Rate Hike and Look at the Bigger Picture

By Elliott H. Gue on Nov. 3, 2015
The Federal Open Market Committee's October statement put the option of a potential rate hike back on the table for December. Although six years of extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy makes the Federal Reserve's first interest rate hike in nine years a big deal, all signs point to this tightening cycle occurring gradually and in a halting fashion. Investors shouldn't overlook this reality.

The Value of Valuation

By Elliott H. Gue on Oct. 5, 2015
Valuations affect the S&P 500’s returns, but this impact manifests itself more clearly over the long haul. In other words, price-to-earnings ratios are a poor metric for timing the market, but a useful tool for investors looking to hold positions over a longer time frame. What does that mean for investors? The stock market looks expensive right now; historically, buying the S&P 500 at these levels would result in positive, but subpar, returns over the next 10 years

A Bull Market for Brazen Forecasts

By Elliott H. Gue on Sep. 29, 2015
Sensationalist predictions about oil prices have become all the rage over the past two months, but they won't necessarily help investors make money. We explain our outlook for crude-oil prices and why a buying opportunity may be around the corner. However, the universe of energy stocks that meet our buying criteria is relatively small; don’t misconstrue this call as open season to buy energy stocks. Not every company has the potential to outperform, let alone survive.