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Investing Topics: Cyclical Stocks

Long-Term Value in the Great White North

By Roger S. Conrad on Jul. 23, 2015
The US dollar continues to reign supreme in the global currency markets, resulting in tough sledding for American investors who own Canadian stocks. But bargains abound for patient investors who don’t mind collecting generous dividends while they wait for the market to settle and improve.

Looking for a Pullback

By Elliott H. Gue on Apr. 30, 2015
Technical factors and weakness in the US economy suggest that the risk of a 5 percent to 10 percent pullback in the S&P 500 continues to rise. As a precaution, we’ve exited a number of positions in recent months, usually for a profit. We highlight several stocks we’re watching for potential inclusion in our Wealth Builders Portfolio.

Oil and Dividends

By Roger S. Conrad on Feb. 6, 2015
Weakness in the prices of crude oil and natural gas liquids have ratcheted up the pressure on producers, prompting operators to scale back planned capital expenditures and, in some cases, slash their dividends. But the energy sector still houses some appealing options for income-seeking investors.