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Investing Topics: Cyclical Stocks

Looking into the Crystal Ball: Our Outlook for Stocks and the Economy in 2015

By Elliott H. Gue on Dec. 29, 2014
Our annual forecasts provide a useful framework for the coming year and underpin our investment strategy. However, we don’t regard these predictions as written in stone; our outlook necessarily evolves when market and economic developments warrant a change.

Mining Stocks: Good Value, But Recovery Pushed Back to 2016

By Yiannis G. Mostrous on Dec. 23, 2014
Concerns about slowing economic growth in China, coupled with supply overhangs in many key commodity markets, have weighed on share prices in the mining industry. But bargains abound for income-seeking investors with the patience to wait for a recovery.

Screen Gems: Identifying Pockets of Strength

By Elliott H. Gue on Oct. 23, 2014
With the US economy humming along, investors should regard recent weakness as an excellent buying opportunity. We highlight a simple but effective stock screen to identify pockets of strength that have outperformed in up and down markets.