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Investing Topics: Market Outlook

The Consensus is Wrong

By Elliott H. Gue on Feb. 11, 2016
Recent weakness in global equity markets reflects the increasing risk of recession and growing realization that central banks’ ability to promote sustainable economic expansion through monetary policy has waned. Estimates from Wall Street’s hive mind have yet to reflect these realities.

Anatomy of a Market Top

By Elliott H. Gue on Sep. 16, 2015
Technical indicators from the last four bear markets to ravage US equities suggest that a correction of at least 20 percent could be in store for the S&P 500. At this juncture, the risk of a US recession remains low, which should limit the coming bear market's severity and duration. However, we'll continue to monitor our favorite economic indicators for deterioration.

Screen Gems: Identifying Pockets of Strength

By Elliott H. Gue on Oct. 23, 2014
With the US economy humming along, investors should regard recent weakness as an excellent buying opportunity. We highlight a simple but effective stock screen to identify pockets of strength that have outperformed in up and down markets.