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Investing Topics: Telecoms

China: Raging Bull

By Yiannis G. Mostrous on Apr. 30, 2015
An influx of liquidity from Chinese investors, coupled with the central bank’s recent rate cuts, has propelled China’s equity markets to big gains. We book another solid profit on one of our previous picks, highlight our favorite Chinese stocks and identify two other Asian equity markets that should ride this liquidity wave higher.

Answering the Call: Tactical Maneuvers for 2015

By Roger S. Conrad on Nov. 24, 2014
The Lifelong Income Portfolio’s primary goal is to generate above-average income from a diversified portfolio of stocks backed by healthy, growing companies. We review what we got right and what we got wrong in 2014, with an eye toward positioning ourselves for more outperformance in 2015.

Dividing to Conquer

By Roger S. Conrad on Sep. 5, 2014

Most of our Lifelong Income Portfolio holdings have reported second-quarter results. However, the news flow continues to come fast and furious, with one of our top value plays announcing plans to spin off some of its assets as a new entity. Here’s our take on this strategic move and the latest developments affecting our other picks.